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United States
Department of

Combined Forest Pest
Research and
Development Program

Agriculture Handbook
No. 563

Southern Pine
Beetle Handbook

How to Identify
Common Insect Associates
of the Southern Pine Beetle

by Richard A. Goyer, 1 Gerald J. Lenhard, 1
T. Evan Nebeker, 2 and Linda D. Jarrard2



1 Department of Entomology, Louisiana
State University, Baton Rouge.
2 Department of Entomology, Mississippi
State University, Mississippi State.



In 1974 the U.S. Department of Agriculture initiated the Combined Forest Pest Research and
Development Program, an inter-agency effort that concentrated on the Douglas-fir tussock moth
in the West, on the southern pine beetle in the South, and on the gypsy moth in the Northeast.
The work reported in this publication was funded in part by the Program. This handbook is one
in a series on the southern pine beetle.









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