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caused by Fusarium oxysporium var. perniciosum

Importance. - Mimosa wilt is the most devastating disease of mimosa. In many areas it has almost eliminated ornamental mimosas. The disease can be found from Maryland to Florida and west to Texas.

Identifying the Fungus. - Fruiting of the fungus is inconspicuous. Small pads of fungal tissue which bear spores are sometimes formed on dead twigs. Laboratory culturing and diagnosis are needed to identify the causal fungus.

Identifying the Injury. - Symptoms include chlorotic and wilting foliage. Discoloration of the outer ring of sapwood usually occurs, and trees may die within 6 weeks after becoming infected.

Wilting, chlorotic foliage caused by the mimosa wilt fungus

Wilting, chlorotic foliage caused by the mimosa wilt fungus. (Click for detail. JPG 50K).

Biology. - The organism survives in soil and enters through the tree roots. While the specific mode of action of this fungus is not known, the effect is to disrupt the upward movement of nutrients and water.

Control. - Plant resistant varieties of mimosa.