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Oak Pests - A Guide to Major Insects, Diseases, Air Pollution and Chemical Injury

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Controls for insects and diseases presented in table form

1. Natural controls often adequate.
2. Place sticky bands around trunk.
3. Prune infected twigs and destroy.
4. Rake fallen infected leaves and destroy.
5. Maintain high tree vigor with cultural practices.
6. Open-grown trees most susceptible; maintain good stocking.
7. Identify and remove brood trees.
8. Prevent or minimize injuries.
9. Mechanically "worm-out" with knife and wire.
10. Wrap trunk of newly transplanted trees.
11. Control with chemical insecticide
12. Control with biological insecticide.
13. Control with gallery fumigation.
14. Remove and burn diseased materials from the tree and area.
15. Control with chemical fungicide.
16. Control with iron chelate.
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