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Digital Arborist [ ]
United States
Department of

Forest Service
Southern Region


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Control of Pales and
Pitch-Eating Weevils
in the South

John C. Nord1
John H. Ghent2
Hollis A. Thomas1
Coleman A. Doggett3


1 Research Entomologists, Digital Arborist, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station, Research Triangle Park, N.C.
2 Entomologist, Digital Arborist, Southern Region, Forest Health Protection, Asheville, N.C.
3 Staff Forester (Pest Control), North Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, Division of Forest Resources, Raleigh, N.C.

Forestry Report SA-FR-21


Table of Contents


Issued October 1982
Revised for Internet January 1999

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