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Control of Pales and Pitch-Eating Weevils in the South
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Range and Hosts


The range of pales and pitch-eating weevils covers most of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. The pales weevil is the more common of the two species in northern areas and in the Atlantic Coastal States down to north Florida, whereas pitch-eating weevil is more common along the Gulf Coast. The ratio of pales to pitch-eating weevils ranges from 11: 1 in the Southern Appalachians to 2-3:1 on Piedmont and Atlantic Coastal sites. Along the Gulf Coast, the ratio of pales to pitch-eating weevils ranges from 1: 10 in southern Alabama to 1:6 in east Texas. These ratios, which are based on annual trap counts, may vary considerably from season to season.

Pales weevil adults feed upon most native and exotic coniferous species, including the following genera: Pinus, Abies, Picea, Pseudotsuga, Larix, Thqja, Tsuga and Juniperus.

The pitch-eating weevil may feed on many coniferous species, as does the pales weevil. However, it has been reported in the literature only on several of the southern pines.

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